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Why CCAvenue® ?

CCAvenue, the world’s premier payment gateway solution was launched in 2001, & today, it is the largest and most popular online payment gateway solution in South Asia. With over 5000 websites relying on our services, we now command a lion's share of the volume of online transactions in the region. Our vast experience in the market has enabled us to pioneer unique value additions that will enhance your e-commerce efforts like never before.

Here is why CCAvenue® should be your only choice for all your online payment processing needs:

We enable you to go truly global:
With the power of a US Dollar denominated online credit card and net banking acceptance facility on your side, you can free your e-commerce business from the restraints of geographical reference points and labels like "First World" or "Third World". By offering your products or services in US Dollars, your e-commerce business instantly acquires an international look, which enhances returns. Also, internet shoppers from the United States continue to dominate global online shopping, both in numbers and volume. By creating a US centric appeal for your web sales, you add to online shopper confidence and comfort level and get better results.

We save you money directly:
We deliver your funds by a INR cheque every week. Compare this with a typical US payment gateway that takes at least 15 days to deliver your cheque. This alone means that you save at least 8 days worth of interest on your funds, every week. On an annual basis, this could work out to a huge sum. Moreover, our direct deposit to bank option can further reduce this transit time. Name your designated bank account anywhere in the world and we will deposit the funds. This means minimal interest loss on your working capital.

We also save you money indirectly:

CCAvenue® offers support for every query. All our departments are a mere phone call away. Our support specialists are also available for voice and online chat 24 x 6. CCAvenue®'s cutting edge payment technologies coupled with our proprietary software enhancements helps minimize your follow up time and cuts down your overheads and communication costs.

We keep your money safer:
CCAvenue® has achieved recertification of the Payment Card Industry 'Data Security Standard Version 1.1' Standard of Compliance for the second year running. This makes it one of the most secure payment gateways in the world. It also has implemented state-of-the-art security processes that are currently not available with most US payment gateways. The latest Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code security processes safeguards you from the liability of charge backs caused due to `Not Authorized by Customer' situations, which account for as much as 98% of all charge back reasons.

Our hard earned reputation and superior business processes has resulted in tie-ups with globally respected banking giants and financial institutions.

We make your money work harder & faster:

Time is money and nobody understands this better than CCAvenue. Often a brilliant business idea is lost because setting up the requisite programmable website involves a heavy investment, in terms of both time and money. Even if you can afford these, can you afford the loss of time to market in an internet world? A world where just 30 days is considered a year. With CCAvenue® free shopping cart, your simple business idea or catalogue website can start e-commerce operations within hours. All this with do-it-yourself tools which allow you to customize the look and feel of the shopping cart and the relevant payment pages to match the look and feel of your website.

We make your money work smarter:
Adding value to the transaction process has always been our forte. Acting on merchant feedback, we have created a host of unique value added e-commerce tools, which will enable you to do business more efficiently both offline and online.

The CCAvenue Merchant Accounting & Reporting System (CCAvenue M.A.R.S.)

Managing a relationship with your online customer and CCAvenue has never been easier. The CCAvenue M.A.R.S interface is a feature rich user-friendly real time accounts and statistics module, which enhances the merchants profit making abilities by providing a solution for various online business needs. Access to CCAvenue M.A.R.S. is password protected and secured by 128 bit Verisign SSL encryption. Click here to verify our certificate.

1. Information & Help Functions as well as E-Commerce News:
In a fast moving business where change is constant, you can never have enough information. So, we aim to provide more and more. The CCAvenue M.A.R.S. manual answers some vital and common merchant queries:-
1) How to set up your CCAvenue account?
2) How to use the M.A.R.S. utilities?
3) How to use the Advanced Integration Kit
4) Tips & Hints for Internet Merchants.
5) Case studies of successful global e-Businesses
6) Tips and Hints for avoiding fraud.

2. Shopping Cart and SMS order alert facilities.
We offer free of cost a ready made shopping cart. This will carry the 'look and feel' of your web pages and will integrate easily into your branded website. You also have the facility of subscribing to instant SMS CCAvenue order alerts directly on your mobile.

3. Collect Bill Payment.

Selling a set of non-standard units or completing a negotiated sale is now possible. A pre-configured e-mail based collection invoice will allow your customers to pay by credit card by clicking on an embedded link. They will be directed to the payment gateway, without having to shop for a specific item on your website. An ideal solution for email based, negotiated sales and payment for small sample shipments to be received from importers.

4. Collect Auction Payments.
Selling on E-bay or Yahoo Auctions? Need to collect money in advance from the winning bidder at your online auction? CCAvenue provides a pre-configured e-mail based auction payment collection invoice, which will allow the winning bidder of your auction to pay by credit card by clicking on an embedded link and directing him/her to the payment gateway. An ideal solution for all those merchants who depend on online auction sales.

5. Virtual Terminal Card Acceptance Interface:
This feature allows you to sell face to face at exhibitions abroad. This is the virtual equivalent of a Point of Sale terminal, whereby you can conduct business at the host location without the need for any local banking support. For instance, if you are a senior company executive deputing sales personnel to an overseas exhibition, sales closed at the exhibition can be monitored by you as they happen, from the convenience of your head office.

6. Help Desk:
Our comprehensive help desk with specialized cells puts you in touch with the right people to answer specific queries. You can trigger an email query, post a suggestion and receive answers to FAQs about technical and other integration details, our services and e-Commerce terms. You can also chat live with our support specialists online.

7. Online Currency Converter.
Yes, the US Dollar is the worlds' preferred online currency. However, your home currency is not the US Dollar, you would very often want to know what the transaction amount looks like in your home currency that is INR. Our currency converter is configured to help you see this in most of the worlds' currencies. Exchange rates are updated four times daily so what you see is very close to what you get.

We provide you with complete peace of mind:

CCAvenue® enables you to accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and JCB Cards.

CCAvenue enables you to target audiences with a wide variety of Indian payment options - Debits Cards from 15+ prominent Indian banks, direct debit facilities from 30+ Indian banks, cash card from ITZ Cash and mobile payments from Pay Mate and SBI FreedoM.

CCAvenue also enables you to accept payments from Chinese & Singaporean customers through their net banking accounts. Currently, we have tie-ups with 20 Chinese & 3 Singapore banks.

CCAvenue® offers personalized service for all aspects of the transaction process. Our close involvement in helping entrepreneurs set up e-commerce operations gives us the perspective we need to understand you, your worries and your concerns. We understand your aspirations. We speak your language. Our customer support specialists speak English as you speak and understand it.

All these benefits are designed to let you to focus on what you would like to do best - which is to run your e-Commerce business smoothly.

CCAvenue® Payment Gateway Copyright © 2001 - AVENUES. All Rights Reserved.
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